Q: Can JSR Industries make product recommendation based on my application?
A: Yes, we can. Based on the information provided, like expected temperature, end user environment etc.,
we can design specification including size, watt, voltage, controller type etc.

Q: Can I put holes on heater?
A: Yes, once you have provided precise holes location information, during production we can put holes at
anywhere you designed. NO extra cost for add holes.
Q: Can I change the length of wire, or wire out location?
A: Yes, we can change length of wire or wire out location upon request, No extra cost.
Q: Do you have CE / UL certificate, can you provide it?
A: Yes. Our heaters have CE or UL certificate and we can provide the certificate upon request.
Q: Can we put our logo or text on item? What do you need from us?
A: Yes, we use laser printing on heater so can print anything you want. The print clour will be black gray.
We need detailed instruction on content you wish to print, like logo size, font type, size, location etc.,
Q: Can I receive the item sooner?
A: Yes, we provide Express Shipping options which will speed up the progress, please contact us for a quote.
Q: Can you provide mass production.
A: Yes. As a factory we can provide both samples and mass production service upon discussion.
Q: Do you accept other alternative payment rather than PayPal? Can you provide invoice?
A: Yes we accept Bank Transfer and we can provide invoice and Pro-forma unpon request.