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We have over 1000 custom specifications, from heavy duty silicone heaters to ultra-thin
etched foil heaters. Voltage from 6V to 240V, Watt from 1.5W to 4000W, Temperature
Controller from – 30 to 300 Degree C, Thermostat from 20 – 160 Degree C.
We also offer unique features like built-in temperature control, custom cut-outs, and
configurability to nearly any shape, size and power.
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Ms. Julie Lee
Information we normally looking for are:
1)  Length and width, or size / shape of heating area
2)  Power requirement, Voltage and Watt. Or expected temperature you hope to reach
3)  Whether you need 3M adhesive backing or other type of connectors
4)  Wire length, lead wire out location preference, hole locations etc.,
5)  Whether you will need a temperature controller or prefer a built-in control.