Multiple Size Universal Silicone Heater Strip Pipe Tube Line Heating Band Belt


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12 X 500mm 50W 12V,
12 X 800mm 100W 12V,
12 X 1600mm 250W 24V,
12 X 1200mm 150W 12V,
15 X 1200 150W 12V 50C,
15 X 4200mm 400W,
15 X 5000mm 500W,
25 X 500mm 250W 3M K,
25 X 1000mm 200W 150C,
26 X 1000mm 200W,
26 X 2000mm 200W,
40 X 2000mm 250W,
50 X 2000mm 180W,
15mm x 1000mm 100W,
15mm x 2000mm 150W,
15mm x 3000mm 200W,
15mm x 10000mm 600W,
26mm x 3000mm 300W,
26mm x 4000mm 400W,
45mm x 2000mm 160W

1) This is Brand New and Well Packed JSRGO Silicone Heater.
2) Free Shipping Worldwide! Manufacture will take 3 days after order being placed.
3) We use buyer country voltage As Default (110V or 220V). For 12V / 24V we will specify.
4) Company Logo, Brand Name, Text can be printed on heater, NO extra cost!
5) 3M Adhesive Backing can be installed (Changed / removed), NO extra cost!
6) Various Country Plug can be Installed (Changed / removed). NO extra cost!
7) Quick Heat up and Stable Performance! Installation Manuel will be provided.
8) CE / UL Certified heater with One Year Warranty!
9) Full Refund or Replacement for heater not working or lost by post!
10) Other Size, Voltage (12V / 24V / 110V / 120V / 220V / 230V), Watt (1.5W – 4000W), Connectors (3M, fastening, hooks, springs, eyelets), Temperature Controllers (- 30 – 300 Degree C), Thermostat (20 – 160 Degree C),Thermistor, Thermocouple available. 24 X 7 Technical Support for Installation, Application and Custom Manufacturing!