Multi Size Rectangle Silicone Heater 3D Printer Build Plate HeatBed Heating Pad


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200mm x 240mm 500W,
200mm x 300mm 300W 12V,
200mm x 300mm 350W 24V,
200mm x 300mm 600W Wire out from 200mm side,
240mm x 310mm 350W 24V,
300mm x 400mm 900W,
400mm x 500mm 1600W,
200x300mm 600W wire from 300 side

1) Free Shipping Worldwide! Manufacture will take 3 days after order being placed.
2) By Default we use buyer country voltage (110V or 220V). For 12V / 24V we will state in listing.
3) Please visit JSR2 Website Homepage for List of FULL Size Datasheet (over 1000 specifications) with product links.
4) Company Logo, Brand Name, Text can be printed on heater, NO extra cost!
5) 3M Adhesive Backing can be installed (Changed / removed), NO extra cost!
6) Various Country Plug can be Installed (Changed / removed). NO extra cost!
7) Quick Heat up and Stable Performance! Installation Manuel will be provided.
8) CE / UL Certified heater with One Year Warranty!
9) Full Refund or Replacement for heater not working or lost by post!
10) Other Size, Voltage (12V / 24V / 110V / 120V / 220V / 230V), Watt (1.5W – 4000W), Connectors (3M, fastening, hooks, springs, eyelets), Temperature Controllers (- 30 – 300 Degree C), Thermostat (20 – 160 Degree C),Thermistor, Thermocouple available. 24 X 7 Technical Support for Installation, Application and Custom Manufacturing!