Multi Size JSR Square Silicone Heater 3D Printer Build Plate HeatBed Heating Pad


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80mm x 80mm 60W 12V |
80mm x 80mm 60W 24V |
100mm x 100mm 60W 12V |
100mm x 100mm 60W 24V |
100mm x 100mm 100W 24V |
100mm x 100mm 100W |
100mm x 100mm 150W K type Thermocouple |
120mm x 120mm 120W 12V |
120mm x 120mm 120W 24V |
120mm x 120mm 120W |
150mm x 150mm 180W 12V |
150mm x 150mm 180W 24V |
150mm x 150mm 200W 24V w/ Thermal Insulation 5mm |
150mm x 150mm 300W |
200mm x 200mm 200W 12V |
200mm x 200mm 400W 12V |
200mm x 200mm 200W 24V |
200mm x 200mm 300W 36V |
200mm x 200mm 200W |
200mm x 200mm 500W |
200mm x 200mm 400W |
200mm x 200mm 400W 2 w/ 150C Built-in Thermostat |
220 x 220mm 200W 12V Cut Square Corners of 15mm |
220 x 220mm 200W 24V Cut Square Corners of 15mm |
220mm x 220mm 500W | 240mm x 240mm 300W 12V |
240mm x 240mm 350W 24V |
240mm x 240mm 600W |
250mm x 250mm 450W 150C Built-in Thermosta |
265x265mm 350W Chamfers 20mm 160C Thermostat PT100 |
280mm x 280mm 600W |
280mm x 280mm 600W 150C Built-in Thermostat |
300mm x 300mm 400W 24V |
300mm x 300mm 400W 24V Cut Square Corners of 25mm |
300mm x 300mm 750W 1 Cut Square Corners of 25mm |
300mm x 300mm 750W |
300mm x 300mm 750W 150C Built-in Thermostat |
350mm x 350mm 800W |
350mm x 350mm 800W 150C Built-in Thermostat |
400mm x 400mm 600W 24V Cut Corners of 25mm |
400mm x 400mm 1200W |
445mm x 445mm 1000W 150C Built-in Thermostat |
450mm x 450mm 1000W |
500mm x 500mm 1600W


Abbreviations in Specifications:
100K = NTC 100K Thermistor with 1 Meter extension wire
3M = 3M PSA Adhesive Backing
65C = built in Thermostat of 65 Degree C (Digits means Temperature)
Control = Rainbow Thermostat of 0~200 Degree C
K = K type Thermocouple
S = Wire out from Short Side (if not stated default wire out from Long side)
We can change above settings upon your request; Please leave Order Note for Changes.

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